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Paul Keith Davis: Trials

Fireside Chat With Bob Jones

by Paul Keith Davis

Throughout the last several years there have been numerous prophetic messages and articles written concerning the calling of this generation in the order of Joseph. There are multiple layers of application to this prophetic model. Some involve the promise of provision during times of famine as well as a call to a position of leadership enjoyed by Joseph after his elevation from the dungeon.

It is not our intent in this brief outline to address the various applications involving the symbolism of Joseph. (For a review of what we have written on the Joseph calling.

However, this week Bob Jones was given a vision directly related to our present condition and its relationship to the Joseph calling. The experience seemed to indicate a present focus on this arena of our calling. Continue reading

Paul Keith Davis: The Nicolaitan Spirit

Paul Keith Davis
White Dove Ministrieswww.WhiteDoveMinistries.orgSince attending a series of prophetic leadership meetings in January 2004, the Lord has been speaking to us very pointedly about the separation within the Church that is directly ahead of us. There are ancient spiritual enemies that infiltrated the early church following the Day of Pentecost that have now come to a place of maturity. Likewise, the children of Light must also achieve a place of maturity in order to engage the adversary. The Lord is pressing us to “restore the land and make them inherit the desolate heritages.” (Isaiah 49:Cool.As we have often emphasized, our conflict is not with flesh and blood but with spiritual forces usurping a place of dominion in the heavenly places. Ours is a spiritual foe! The battle will be won in the realm of the spirit and will liberate people held hostage by spirits of intimidation, manipulation and control.

It is reasonably easy to recognize blatant perversion, unbelief and spiritism that permeates the spirit of this world. However, the more difficult confrontation lies within the Church and the false spirits that masquerade as authentic spiritual authority. However, through the development of discernment and an examination of spiritual fruit, a distinction can be noted as we approach maturity. The Scripture declares.

Solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil. Hebrews 5:14.

Continue reading

Laura Grace: Run With Patience

Sometimes you just have to outlast your enemies! Somtimes your enemies are like the waves of the sea “crashing against you” with discouragements and lies. We must KNOW it’s not God’s will for us to ever be defeated. Know that! And you will be able to stand (and run) more firmly in him. Settle it in your heart once and for all “God does not want me defeated!!” Continue reading

Donna J. Kazenske: Be Careful What You Show the Enemy

Christians should be exercising their spiritual senses on a daily basis just as men in the army do when they are being trained for battle. The church is in a war against spiritual darkness. If we don’t prepare ourselves now, there is a good possibility that we will lose the battle when it’s time for us to stand up and fight. How can we fight if we are not prepared to do so? How can we wage war in battle if we do not know how to use our weapons of war?

Sure Word

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Pam Clark: Jezebel

by Pam Clark (pamclark@prophetic.net)

I was at a conference a few weeks ago where a lady gave a prophetic word and part of that word was the exhortation that Jezebel has been quiet – but that she was not dead but just “asleep” and that she would rise again.

It does seem that we have had a reprieve of sorts from “the Jezebel focus.” But when you realize that this spirit hates the prophetic and intercession, you can figure that the enemy wants to raise her up again if he can.

Jesus said that the spirit of “Elijah is to come” in the last days and we know that spirit was representative in His time through John the Baptist, who had a ministry of declaring righteousness and repentance and the soon coming of the Lord.

Elijah was a powerful man of prayer, even though he was of “like passions as us” or in other words, just as human as we are! But his prayers moved the hands of God in powerful and manifest ways.  Continue reading

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